Spices & Nuts

Natural nut paste, topped with a pecan

Delicately sweet, this délice is best served with a mild, creamy cheese such as Brie or Camembert. It also pairs very well with port, Sherry and meads

Piña Colada

Fruity and acidic, coated in sweet coconut, this exotic délice will enchant you when enjoyed with mild bubbly fruit liquor such as a Nivole Moscato d’Asti, semi-sweet Champagne or the Moukipic.

pistachio and safFron

Laced with saffron strands, the slight bitterness of the spice is best balanced with sweet and fruity dessert wines or ice wines.

Tumeric and White pepper

Spicy, sunny and slightly peppery, this délice is to be discovered in two or three bites so that the full symphony of flavours can play out. A late harvest Gewurztraminer is a must!

Walnuts, pecans, milk, sugar, glucose, sodium carbonate, cornstarch, French-vamilla mix, mocha mix, cardamon-ginger mix et cinnamon

Keep frozen.

Nutritional value

For 1 Délice (10 g)
47 Calories
2.7 g
0.3 g
0 g
1.8 mg Cholesterol
7.3 mg Sodium
5.1 g
0.4 g
3.2 g
1.2 g Protein
0.3 g Omega 3
1.5 g Omega 6

1 % Vitamin A  -  0 % Vitamin C  
2 % Calcium - 1 % Iron

Health Benefits

Sans gluten ni gras trans

Gluten and
trans-fat free

Sans agent de conservation

No preservatives

Riche en Omega 3

Rich in Omega 3

N’affecte pas le diabète

Does not affect

Fabrication artisanale au Québec

Hand made in Quebec

Available sizes

Box of 6 délices : 12,50 $ + tx    Box of 12 délices : 23 $ + tx    Box of 24 délices : 38 $ + tx


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